Research Units

  • Head of department


  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Sergei V. Kuleshov

    Laboratory of Research Automation

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Vladimir I. Gorodetsky

    Intelligent Systems Laboratory

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Associate Professor Alexey A. Karpov

    Laboratory of Speech and Multimodal Interfaces

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Igor V. Kotenko

    Laboratory of Computer Security Problems

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Igor V. Lysenko

    Laboratory of Information-Analytic Technologies for Economics

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Alexander A. Moldovyan

    R&D Department of Information Security Problems

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Vasily Yu. Osipov

    Laboratory of Computer-Information Systems and Software Engineering

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Associate Professor Leading Researcher Yan A. Ivakin

    Laboratory of Object Oriented Geoinformation Systems

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Andrey L. Ronzhin

    Laboratory of Autonomous Robotic Systems

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Sergey B. Roudnitsky

    Laboratory of Biomedical Informatics

  • Candidate of Sci. (Tech) Associate Professor Vladimir I. Salukhov

    Department of Post Graduate Studies, Information and Education Technologies and Services

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Alexander V. Smirnov

    Laboratory of Computer Aided Integrated Systems

  • Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Boris. V. Sokolov

    Laboratory of Information Technologies in System Analysis and Modeling

  • Dr. Sci. (Phys. and Math.) Associate Professor Alexander L. Tulupyev

    Laboratory of Theoretical and Interdisciplinary Problems of Informatics

  • Corresponding Member of RAS Dr. Sci. (Tech) Professor Rafael M. Yusupov

    Laboratory of Applied Informatics and Problems of Society Informatization