Main Research Leads

  • fundamental basics of the informatics, informatization of the society and regions, origination and development of the national state and world intelligent information resourses, social networks;

  • fundamental basics of the information security, cyber-security of the computer and telecommunication systems; counteractions against cyber-terrorism;

  • theoretic basics of constructing the technologies of Big Data analysis and processing intended for solving problems of regularities’ detection, machine learning, estimation models’ building (construction), prognostication, and decision-making over a finite set of alternatives;

  • fundamental basics of integration and self-organization in the existing and promising public as well as commercial information management and telecommunication systems and networks at various stages of their life-cycles;

  • fundamental and technologic basics of building and implementation of intelligent integrated systems for decision-making support and multimodal users’ interfaces in man-machine and robot complexes;

  • fundamental basics of complex modeling and automation at proactive monitoring and information processes control in complex (info-, bio-, eco-, cogni-, socio-, geo-, aerospace and transportation) systems.