Main research areas

  • Theoretic basis of building hardware and software systems, focused on real-time information processing

  • Fundamentals, models and methods for information processes research in complex (socio- , eco- , bio- , geo -, etc) systems

  • Fundamentals of developing information technologies for intelligent systems of automation of management, production and scientific research, including in relation to nanotechnology and biotechnology

  • Fundamentals of integration and self-organization of computing and communication hardware-software distributed systems for the creation of an intellectual space

  • Fundamentals of designing and using ambient intelligent space, which includes technologies for ubiquitous computing, communication and multimodal user interfaces;

  • Fundamentals of complex modeling, forecasting and optimizing information processes in natural and artificial systems of animate and inanimate nature

  • Fundamentals of modelingdevelopment processes of nanotechnology industryas well as convergence of information,nano- , bio - and cognitive technologies.